Jacqui Hames served 25 years with the Metropolitan Police (London) and is one of Britain’s best known real life detectives. She co-presented BBC’s Crimewatch for 16 years and regularly appears on Sky News, Five News and Radio 5 Live. Find out more about her 10 invaluable safety tips for women! Our brochure is available in five languages (click PDF symbol to download or click here for html link).

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The mission of Women’s Security Foundation - WSF is to achieve global awareness for and to help promote women’s physical, mental and economic security. To attain this goal, Women’s Security Foundation - WSF and its members are seeking to:


… help create a definition of women’s security and its meaning in a modern globalized world in cooperation with other organizations and the UN. We aim to evaluate a minimum necessary measure of physical, mental and economic security levels that national governments should adopt and set as a goal to strive for.


… educate the general public and create awareness towards women’s security through various publications and conferences.


… empower women globally, to help them achieve a basic standard of security for themselves.


… Create strategic alliances with businesses and corporations that are involved in producing and marketing products and services that are aimed at promoting women’s physical, mental or economic security. Awarding companies with “WSF Best Practice” certificates that show exceptional leadership and innovation in promoting women’s security within their own company.


… create strategic alliances with business and corporations that are involved in producing and marketing products and services that are aimed at promoting women’s physical, mental or economic security. Awarding companies that show exception leadership and innovation in promoting women's security within their companies with WSF 'Best Practice' Certificate.


… create strategic partnerships with media organizations (press, television, magazines) to help promote women’s security.


… create a database / compilation of interviews and stories from women who have been negatively affected by lack of security and documenting the key issues at stake.


… create a collection of preferred books on the WSF website and awarding publishing companies with a “WSF seal of approval” for exceptional non-fiction, fiction, biographic and autobiographic books that deal with issues pertaining to women’s security.


… promote, develop or finance a flagship project bi-annually that will directly help women struggling to attain physical, mental or economic security in their lives.


... prioritizing different measures to promote women’s security based on importance and urgency.



Due to recent events in the past months, WSF - Women's Security Foundation has received many requests from women around the world. The many concerns  regard self-protection in situations where women are harassed or otherwise physically threatened. For this reason the Women's Security Foundation has put together a portfolio of security products in cooperation with Pro Idee Germany and Diners Club International. Special emphasizes was placed on personal security items that do not pose extra risks when actually used in real life situations. The Women's Security Foundation's panel of experts have thoroughly tested all items and have narrowed them down to personal security products that offer great protection without any additional risks. These products are also promoted by Britain's most renowned security expert, former metropolitan police detective Jacqui Hames.


Our organization was founded as early as 2011 to support modern women achieve physical, mental and economic security & wellbeing. Recent events have shown, that women need to stay informed regarding many potential dangers. WSF is taking a positive approach, empowering women by offering knowledge and good advice pertaining to the latest security tips & trends.

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