Women ConcernSas compared to 2006 Safety:                            + 22%Terrorist attacks:            + 10%Career:                           + 20%Buying a house:               + 9%  The Connectors Group:Confidence born out of experience. Grown up (over 30), settled, some with children. Connecting with a wide network of friends and influencing their behaviour. Recession hasn't held back their career progress. Invest in quality rather than quantity. The Compromised Group:Confidence knocked by the recession. Less money, less educated, less optimistic. Bargain hunters with money and relationship concerns.  

Unbelievable! More than two-thirds of women are concerned about their safety and security. The WSF - Women’s Security Foundation, as a platform, aims with your help to correct this appalling statistic and illuminate the dark streets for women.


We are networked across the globe today, but is safety and security for women guaranteed? It is not!


No fewer than 68% of women are concerned about their safety (source: YouGov and Glamour Magazine, 2010). One in two women fears physical violence, stalking, abuse and dark streets. This is a situation that has been increasingly a topic of discussion for Austrian, Lisa Löhner and British, Myrtle Barrow, who have been close friends since the early 80s. On the basis of the maxim “he who helps fast, helps twice as much”, the two women developed the idea for the WSF - Women’s Security Foundation in May 2011. Aim: safety and security from the point of view of women needs a platform to make transparent and highlight the risks, backgrounds, prejudices and problems involved in internet dating, stalking etc. - a platform to help women, their families and friends to protect themselves from dangers that are present each and every day.


Women need to be informed about the opportunities they have of strengthening their own abilities in respect of personal security. The aim of the WSF platform is to put vulnerable and frightened women in touch with the experiences of people who are strong, self-assured, successful and influential so that these women might be strengthened, empowered and less afraid.


Identification with this topic, the development of mutual foundation projects, the help of support  agencies and the spirit inherent in a progressive and enlightened world can lead to an increase in self-confidence and a decrease in feelings of intimidation and fear.


Through the use of the existing networks as well as information about aid organizations,  WSF - Women’s Security Foundation can realize a sense of active solidarity with vulnerable women and support them not just personally but also pragmatically through seminars and special events.


Physical safety and a feeling of security is indispensable to a woman’s development. This is why the WSF - Women’s Security Foundation is committed first and foremost to this cause. Later on the WSF - Women’s Security Foundation will focus on other support associated with women’s careers and their economic role.

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