Purple Ribbon symbolizes our solidarity with women around  the world that have become victims of harassment, domestic violence and other violent crimes. The Purple Ribbon initiative was called into being to create a better understanding and awareness of the vulnerability of women in desperate situation.


PURPLE Ribbon  – A symbol for a safer world


Purple Ribbon is a sign of hope for a better future for all women worldwide; a future without oppression and harassment; a future in which women can develop their full potential without fear!


PURPLE Ribbon – Show the symbol, take a stance!


We urge you to post the Purple Ribbon on the web & on social media (Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Flickr, SideTalk and others.). Every posting counts! Whether you post it on your private blog or company website, anywhere the sign appears people will be made aware of this pressing issue. A simple link can already make a huge difference!


Purple Ribbon - for a better understanding for the safety of woman around the world!


Below you will find a link to a ZIP file, which contains all formats necessary to integrate the Purple Ribbon on your website, blog, social media or in your print and media files. The graphic files have a transparent background can therefore be easily integrated into existing design environments.


PURPLE Ribbon – A sign of solidarity

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